Parents need to stay out of the student parking lot

Austin VanErem, Reporter

I am unsure of when this became a problem, although I have recently realized the struggles and frustration of parents in the student parking lot at the beginning of the day.

The 2020-2021 school year was filled with a lot of obstacles and parents in the student parking lot. When we went back to school for 2nd semester, an issue came upon us. Parents of underclassmen were clogging up the parking lot in the morning, making it difficult for other students to get to their parking spaces or the side of the school, also known as Merrill Street.

De Pere High School took action and sent out emails to all parents that the parking lot was for students of De Pere High School and not parents. Although, parents seem to think that the rule isn’t permanent.

Dropping off their students in the parking lot makes it a lot more convenient for parents; however, it makes it much more difficult for students who have to get to class. Nobody understands the frustration of this situation except for those that have experienced it, which is students that can drive.

This problem is unnoticed by teachers and administration because it doesn’t affect them. The rebellious parents need to be stopped so students can get to their parking spots that they paid for, as well as getting to classes on time.