Most consider Homecoming return a success


Rachael Connelly, Reporter

This past week De Pere High School held its first Homecoming in 20 years.

Was it worth the wait?

“It’s been a while” was this year’s Homecoming theme, chosen to embrace the excitement behind coming together as a school for the first time in years.

Emma Hujet, Student Council President said, “I think it was long overdue, and am proud of the results that we had. … There were so many people that came and so many people that participated.” 

Just how many people came? An interview with Mrs. Gajewski, Student Council adviser, revealed that approximately 1,200 kids purchased tickets to the dance, and the turnout for the football game was more than most students had ever seen before.

In a survey sent out by the Crimson Aviator, 83.1% of students said the experience was at least good or better. Redbirds all throughout school really took advantage of the opportunity to express their school spirit as the week went on, showing up on dress up days with class rates of 70-80% on some days.

Even school staff got involved in the fun. Mr. Joseph said that Monday’s pajama day was the first time he had worn sweatpants to work in 25 years!

After this year’s success. students are all left wondering what to expect next year. The overall consensus from students is that better music at the dance should be a top priority. 

“We wanted to make sure we didn’t do too much in the first year and what we did, we wanted to do really well,” Mrs. Gajewski said.

And they did. It sounds like we can expect Student Council is prepared to administer something bigger and better for next year’s festivities.


Mr. Joseph, principal: “I thought it was a great week. I thought that the student participation and the staff participation were outstanding. I especially was proud of the seniors, class of 2022. I thought they had a lot of positive leadership.”

Mr. Allen, assistant principal: “I was concerned with vandalism, but there were no issues I had to deal with, which is fantastic. I thought students were very respectful of the decorations in the hallways, of everything outside of our building and in the community as well. I heard a lot of positive things.”

Mr. Allen, on the music between classes: “That was a spur of the moment thing, so I was shocked to hear as much positivity from that as I did. I’ve had a number of clubs and teachers say that the kids were really feeling it. The staff were really positive about it, so it makes sense to use that again in the future.”

Officer Arkens: ¨I think TPing is one of those things.  Could it be classified as vandalism and/or littering? Yes, but I also think that some people that have their houses TP’d are OK with it, and understand that it’s part of spirit week. It’s part of a homecoming tradition that’s been passed along through the years, as long as it’s not excessive.”

Mr. Youngquist, school board President: “The school board and I personally were very pleased with the outcome and hope that it brought some joy to the students and the community throughout the whole week.”

Mr. Mohar, teacher: “It was awesome. I think it could be better, and it will be better.”

Devon Herzog, junior: “My favorite part of homecoming was the football game. It was the biggest student section I’ve ever been a part of, and there was a lot of school spirit there. Homecoming was a lot bigger and more exciting than Redbird Rally.”

Mya Vissers, senior: “They actually gave us drinks (at the dance), which was nice. I kind of liked the way they decorated it, it was cute. I just wished it would have been outside, and we wouldn’t have been dying of sweat.”

Kari McMahon, junior: “The music sucked at the dance. It was kind of quiet and lame. No one was really into it. The rest of the week was great, but the themes for the dress up days could have been better.”

Luas Rose, fr. : “Next year we should definitely have (the dance) outside if it’s warm enough. We should have a homecoming court, like a king and queen.”

Madeline Gruselle, sophomore: “I thought it was really great. It was super fun. I know lots of people didn’t like it, but I think that was mainly in the beginning. I do wish the music was a little better.”