A little help? Here’s what students can do to make their teachers’ jobs easier

Lucas Winkler, Reporter

High school students often put their heads down and push through the school days with little concern or how their actions affect the already cumbersome daily lives of faculty members. 

I think that too often faculty well-being is overshadowed by student well-being, and that both should be respected. 

For this reason, some faculty members were asked what students can do to make their daily lives easier, and they eagerly responded.

At the attendance desk, Angela Schinke says that students need to accept their dismissal smart pass. 

“If they don’t, it notifies the attendance desk and creates a situation where I have to track them down,” she said. 

Schinke went on to explain that calling into classrooms to find out where students are is intrusive to the learning environment, and that smart pass gets rid of that issue.

When asked the same question, English teacher Jennifer VanRemortel says that they need to “finish their homework on time.”

Similarly, Jim Johnson, a physics teacher, said, “Come to class with everything they need. Otherwise, there is too much wasted time.” Students are expected to do these anyway, but obviously they need reminding.

In the history department, teacher Kelli Schneider says that students need to “Put their phones away.” She continued, “When I look at the inability to divide our focus all the time, students and teachers alike, it really interferes with the learning process.”

When students reach the lunch room, lunch staff member Kim Giese says to have the ID card ready. She explains, “I can get by with using your student code, but it is faster to swipe your ID.”

This school year especially, students have a hefty reliance on Chromebooks. Because of this, students often have to rent a Chromebook from the library. 

Library aide Jill Eggers said that she asks students simply to “say please and thank you” when doing so.