Basketball has long been part of Avery Bierowski’s life

Basketball has long been part of Avery Bierowskis life

Angel Hernandez, Reporter

Avery Bierowski is a senior at De Pere High School who has played basketball since second grade and has even gone to Nationals for it. 

If you could eat one last meal what would it be? “I would have sushi from Koko’s, French fries, and cookie dough ice cream.” 

What does basketball mean to you? “It’s just really important to me because I’ve been playing since I was in second grade, and it’s just a big part of my life. It’s taught me a lot of lessons like how to be a good friend and teammate. I’ve learned to be a better leader, and it’s helped me be a better communicator.”

What’s your motivation to keep going after failure? “Probably just not letting anybody down — not just my teammates, but my family, my friends. I just don’t want to let anyone down; I want to please everyone. I want to make people proud, and I don’t want to let them down. I hold myself to a high standard, and I just feel like I need to achieve my goals.”

What are three words that describe you? “Funny or humorous, caring, and outgoing.”

Will you be pursuing basketball after high school? “No, because the only level I can play at would be like a small school, and I just want to go to a big school. I feel like that would be a better fit for me. And I just feel like I’m kind of outgrowing basketball. I’m ready for it to be done.”

If you were about to die, what would your last words be? “Tell my family I love them.”

What app on your phone do you use the most? “Tik Tok. I just love it, it’s so fun. It’s addicting.”

What’s your current goal in life? “My goal right now is to get into Madison because that’s where I want to go to college.”

When you aren’t shooting hoops what are you doing? “I’m hanging out with my friends; I like to bake, read, watch TV, and spend time with my family. I also like to hang out outside. I like to do water sports, snow skiing, that kind of thing.”

If you had one wish what would it be? “To travel the world or to fly.”

What kind of music do you listen to? “Country”

What’s your biggest fear? “Dying, I’m just scared of what happens after you die. I won’t remember anything, and that’s what is scary.”

What was your favorite family vacation? “Turks and Caicos because it was really pretty and that was just like my dream vacation. That’s where I’ve always wanted to visit the most in the world. It was white beaches, clear water, I got to swim with dolphins, parasail – it was really cool.” 

What’s your proudest accomplishment? “My proudest accomplishment would be winning Nationals with my AAU team. It was really exciting because we thought we were going to get crushed. We weren’t even supposed to be in the championship, but we all just kind of went into it with a “it-doesn’t-matter” attitude. We were all just kind of like it’s our last game, let’s just have fun. We weren’t taking it seriously at all and we actually ended up winning, and it was just so exciting. Everyone was really happy and proud.”

What was the best book you ever read?We were Liars by E. Lockhart. The ending was basically an entire plot twist.”