Willie Nusbaum is both perfect and useless at the same time


Colton Coulombe, Reporter

Willie Nusbaum is a senior at De Pere High School. He plays bench warmer on the JV Voyageurs hockey team and the De Pere Central Lacrosse team. When he isn’t hitting the weights and practicing his sport he is out skylarking with his buddies. 

What is your favorite NHL team? The Chicago Blackhawks.  I’ve always liked them. They were the first team I found out about when playing hockey. 

What do you think about most? I think a lot about the gains I’ve made from my weight training and how much better I have gotten at the sports I play, especially lacrosse. 

Who is your favorite artist? My favorite artist musically is Earl Sweatshirt and artistically is Picasso. Both artists are abstract and unique. They both express messages through their works.

What’s your favorite memory from hockey? Having silly fun times with my friends after the game. It is a real team bonding experience and always something to look forward to. 

What type of legal activities do you fill your free time with? I like to read poetry by the fire and make tea. I like to walk to my dogs which I have adopted and graciously let into my home, and shootin’ the breeze with my buddies.

What is your ideal date? Go for a sunrise trail walk and bring a blanket and a picnic table and food to make breakfast while we watch the sunrise together. 

If you could have anything in the world, what would it be? Not having a brother.

If you could have three wishes what would they be? I’d wish for a lot of money, a cool car, and happiness. 

Who is your idol and why? MF Doom because he wants people to listen to the music not look at a face, and that is like how I want people to see me – for who I am and not my large muscles. 

If you could have any extra body part what would it be? I would like to have an extra arm so I can have a mulligan in case one gets ripped. It would make the work I do at my job a lot easier. 

If you could be any inanimate object what would you be? I would like to be a statue because I have no use anyway. 

What is your perfect vision of the world? A perfect world is where I am the best, but I already am, so we are already in a perfect world.

Who do you regard as the better Van Wychen brother? I’d say Seagull. We are partners in crime.