Too much attention to Ruggs, not enough to crash victim

Austin VanErem, Reporter

On Nov. 2, Las Vegas Raiders receiver Henry Ruggs III was involved in a car crash that killed a 23-year-old woman. 

Ruggs was under the influence and going up to 156 miles per hour. Security footage caught Ruggs speeding down the road moments before the crash. He has two additional felony charges because of carrying a firearm while under the influence and because of the injuries suffered by the opposing person. Ruggs was released by the Raiders not long after.

Many stories that access the situation involving Ruggs are sympathetic to him. They say something like “Tragic injury for Henry Ruggs III”, which is totally insensitive to the other side of the story. 

It is very disappointing to see news titles worried about an all-star athlete when they are in the wrong. Ruggs is receiving a lot of sympathy in stories and from teammates, yet the life he stole from this world is receiving no recognition. 

Many teammates of his don’t acknowledge the loss of the family. They are focusing on comforting their ex-teammate that stole a life from a hurting family because of his actions.

Ruggs does deserve love and comfort, but the loss of a young woman’s life and the mourning families are receiving nearly no acknowledgement or any sympathy at all.