Unless you are a doctor, stop it with the COVID advice

Colin McKenna, Reporter

Your opinions on COVID do not matter.

Unless you have a medical degree, stop giving medical advice. Aaron Rodgers was the latest celebrity to do this after being diagnosed with COVID on Nov. 5.

He says he’s unvaccinated, has taken Ivermectin (an anti-parasite medication) to somehow combat COVID, and claimed the “woke mob” is trying to cancel him.

While he’s a celebrity, he’s far from the only idiot who believes their high-school biology class entitles them to share their opinion on a pandemic. It’s a common trend of Facebook posts being treated as facts when they contradict thousands of doctors with years of experience.

I’m all for questioning everything. I’m all for doing your own research. That’s not what these people are doing. “Doing your own research” would be reading peer-reviewed medical journals, studies, etc., and drawing your own conclusion based on that. 

These people are taking a non-political issue, seeing what the other side supports, and automatically turning against it. They cherry-pick “info” from Facebook posts made by like-minded people (with no medical basis) to support their pre-drawn conclusion.

It’s infuriating to watch people who would rather take horse dewormer than a vaccine, treated as if they have a valid argument against decades of experience. Stop pretending to be an expert on things you have no certification to speak on.

Your opinions are not as important as you think they are.