Quarantine process needs to be re-considered

Morgan Bessett, Reporter

I am a senior at De Pere High, so this is my second year in a row balancing the pandemic and school, and it is hard to keep up with. 

My junior year I had decided to go all virtual because I didn’t want to sit in class, and it honestly had nothing to do with the pandemic at all. Junior year I was balancing school and, at the time, three jobs. 

I missed Google Meets and assignments, and I am fully aware that it is all on me, but it is difficult sitting at home and doing school all day. 

So this year, I chose to come back after summer when the pandemic almost seemed to have gone away. 

The first week went really well, but then during the third week of school I got quarantined, and it was terrible. Google Meets were optional. I chose not to go to them.

 For Foods class, I had to make the food at home, and suddenly all the easy classes became the hardest to catch up in. 

I know that quarantine is not only affecting me, either. There were so many kids missing from my classes before and after the week-and-a-half I was gone. The worst part is everyone here is getting their emails days late, and we still get the option to stay for the rest of the day or leave.                   

What is the point of quarantine if you can (1) stay for the rest of the day and (2) get the email days after you come into contact?

It doesn’t add up, but it also doesn’t stop there.

Some kids might not have a good home life, and for some people (not all) school is an escape. Therefore, kids are being forced to stay somewhere they normally wouldn’t want to be. 

Now, you may be thinking, well, just get the vaccine. It’s simple, but not everyone is up to getting it, and even some people’s parents are against it. 

Covid is inevitable no matter what, if you have the vaccine or not. 

So it all comes back to the same issue: quarantine is pointless.

I think that a way we could improve this or stop kids from missing school is maybe have them in a separate room, or even just wearing a mask. If the kids have no symptoms at all after 2 days, then let them come back whether they got tested or not. 

I see covid as a worse strain of the flu, and we’ve been dealing with that virus forever. We didn’t have to quarantine for the flu, so I don’t see why we have to quarantine for a virus just a little worse than the flu.