Aviator staff has much to be thankful for

Aviator staff has much to be thankful for


In addition to friends and family, what are we thankful for? 

A few words from the Crimson Aviator staff:

Morgan Bessett: I am thankful for vacation because it’s better than being in Wisconsin and flying on planes is cool. I am thankful that I have a family that goes on vacation with me so I can see more of the world.

Emmett Brey: I’m thankful for Sir Issac Newton because without him we would be floating around the Earth in no direction. Sir Newton founded physics and gravity so then everyone became grounded. I’m so thankful for this scientific discovery so we can walk around.

Colton Coulombe: I am thankful for King Von. He has touched me in many ways far beyond his beautiful eloquently crafted music. Whenever I am feeling down an out or stressed I put on LeVon James and all of my troubles seem to disappear. I am sad and mourn his loss.

Emma Duquaine: I’m thankful for Twitch—the streaming platform. It’s given me a chance to express myself and create new connections. Twitch has also given me some of my favorite creators and biggest inspirations. Without Twitch, I wouldn’t be who I am today. 

Angel Hernandez: I am thankful for Fortnite. Fortnite had a big impact on not just me, but the whole world. At one point it was all everyone talked about, even adults. After Fortnite no game was the same, and every other game felt like there was something missing.         

Lucy Kurowski: As incredibly cheesy as it sounds, I am truly thankful for my Jam Session group and our ability to have an actual show choir season this year. Having a year where we had to perform without an audience caused our group to fall into such a rut. I am so excited to sit on a bus and travel to schools across Wisconsin.  

Glenn Mattison: I am thankful for the invention of clothes. Without them, I would be very cold. And if humans get too cold, we die. I don’t want to die. Because of this, I am thankful for clothes; otherwise, I would probably freeze to death somewhere in the Wisconsin wilderness.

Colin McKenna: I’m thankful for a two-day school week for Thanksgiving. It’s nice to have a break from school for a few days. It gives students and teachers time to see family, catch up on work, and just relax.

Evan Milkie: I’m thankful for my dog, whose name is Tuffy. I’ve had her since I was two years old, and she is the best dog anyone could ask for. She is obedient and loving, and she is particularly patient with people, even when they’re having a bad day.

Jerree NelsonStenson: I am thankful for my house and a school to feel safe at.  The reason being is because I can go to school knowing that I’m protected somehow.  I know that some schools are dangerous because of some things going on in them. 

Nick Normoyle: I’m thankful for modern technology. Without it, my life would be much more difficult. Without a thermostat, I would be cold in the winters and hot in the summers, and without the Internet, I wouldn’t know as much as I do. 

Travis Ogurek: I’m grateful for being born in this great day and age. This world of technology is something not many people truly appreciate. I am thankful for being able to view the many sights that this world has to offer. I am also really grateful for the good food that I’ve eaten before. I appreciate the music that I listen to. 

Airiana Peters: I am thankful for my cat Louis. Louis always has something to say and is always doing something interesting. Anytime I am upset he is always there for me, not just because he can’t leave the house. I have been told that Louis is a sweet little buddy. I am so thankful for him to always be by my side. 

Jaime Salinas: I’m thankful for all the music that was ever created. Without music I would be bored. Plus, I’m thankful for my Playstation because I couldn’t play Spiderman and that game is nuts. I’m thankful for my job because I get money and then I get to buy stuff

Austin VanErem: I am thankful for the food industry. Without it my taste buds would be very bland and sad. Fast food is no good, but Kwik Trip lightens my mood. All the textures and tastes make me want to say grace! 

Lucas Winkler: I’m probably most thankful that I learned how to cook. Knowing how to cook a decent meal is not only useful, but also a fun way to spend an evening. Moreover, it’s a great way to give back to friends and family. As a bonus, it allows me to cook with my grandma which is always a great time.