Study hall remains popular, even if little work is getting done


Mr. Guyette

This shot of Mr. Guyette’s 6th hour study hall is a fairly accurate summary of study hall activity.

Evan Milkie, Reporter

What do students actually do in study hall?

Although study hall is designed to give students time to catch up on assignments, a recent De Pere High School survey revealed an unsurprising but significant development: only about half of students who took a study hall this semester did so with the intention of doing homework. 

Junior Emily Dehn said that she took a study hall because she has a tough schedule, and she wanted to have time to get some work done in the middle of the day. But she admitted that she actually spends most of her time in study hall talking with her friends.

“I still think study halls are useful, though,” she said, “because I still get an hour of my school day where I can relax my brain and have fun with my friends. And I also sometimes get homework done.” 

Ridiculously, almost 40 percent of those surveyed said that they spend most of their time either using social media, chatting with friends, or playing video games rather than studying or working on assignments.

“I spend most of my time on my phone,” said senior Andrew Ashmann.

Still, about 86 percent would somehow call study hall a “productive” class period. 

Mrs. Provost, a science teacher who also has a 6th hour study hall, said that she thinks “it is only productive for the small group of people who choose to use it as it is intended.” 

When she was asked how many students actually use the time for classwork, her comment was telling.

“(About) 25 percent,” she said. “I understand that some kids need a down day sometimes, but not every day should be a down day.”

Unsurprisingly, the overwhelming majority (97 percent) of students polled agreed that study hall should continue to be offered at DPHS. 

It’s rare for 97 percent of people to agree on anything, so it’s obvious that students enjoy having 50 minutes of time to do homework, chat, or have some time to themselves in the middle of their school day. 

Sophomore Riley Olsen effectively summed up how most students feel about study hall. “It’s a good break period,” he said.