Carly Larson is already making waves on the local swimming scene


Clayton Savoie, Reporter

Carly Larson is a freshman at De Pere High School and went to the WIAA Division 1 state meet for swimming on Nov. 13 in Waukesha. 

How long does state go for? “It’s only a day.”

How’d you do at state? “I got ninth in my 100 butterfly and 23rd in my 100 back.”

How long have you been swimming for? “I started swimming when I was eight.”

What drills do you do to warm up? “I do normal stretches like shoulders and ankles and hips before we get in the water.”

What is your favorite swim stroke or style you enjoy practicing the most? “I like swimming butterfly and I do a lot of backstrokes at practice.”

What is your favorite part about swimming? “Meeting all the people and getting to see myself and my friends get stronger and get better in the water.”

How do you feel about getting into state? “I was actually pretty surprised I made state. I was happy about it and it felt really nice that I was the only one from De Pere. I also made it with a girl from West De Pere and it was a lot of fun.”

What are some things you want to improve so you can keep getting better? “I’d like to improve my underwater work and mainly just working hard at practice in general.”

What is your greatest strength? “I’d say I’m really good at staying focused on what’s important to me and not letting other things distract me from what I want.”

What do you see yourself doing as a career when you get older? “I have no idea, but I know I would like to swim in college.”

Are there any other sports that you do or would be interested in doing in the future? “I think I found my niche in swimming and I’m just going to stick to that. I used to do other sports but I just excelled at swimming.”

What is your biggest goal to achieve through all of high school? “I’d like to make podium at state for sure and possibly even win.”