Donda (Deluxe) > Donda

Donda (Deluxe) > Donda

Jamie Salinas , Reporter

When the anticipated album Donda came out earlier this year, rapper Kanye West was teasing a deluxe album and on Nov. 14, Kanye finally released  Donda (Deluxe) on all streaming platforms.

One of the songs, “Life of the Party”, features well-respected rapper 

Andre 3000, who is one half of the rap group OutKast. 

On Andre 3000’s verse he says, “Hey, Miss Donda if you run into my mama, Please tell her I said, ‘Say something’. I’m starting to believe ain’t such things as Heavens Trumpets.”

This verse was leaked by rapper Drake earlier that November because of his beef with Kanye. This verse caused a lot of commotion, with people saying that the verse was better than Certified Lover Boy, Drake’s album. 

Others wanted the official song to come out, so they pushed Kanye to drop it, and he did with the deluxe. 

The song “Come To Life” was also added to the album, and it’s another gospel-type song. My personal favorite on the original album Remote Control got a part 2 and added Kid Cudi on the song, and in my opinion was a great add on to the album. 

Another song is called “Never Abandon Your Family”. As some people would say, it’s his “last ditch” to revive his marriage with Kim Kardashian. 

Weeks later after the release of the deluxe, Kanye and Drake squashed their beef with an Instagram post of them together. They said that they are having a benefit concert to help Larry Hoover, a ex-gang leader who was sentenced to 200 years in prison for a murder he did when he was 19. Now 70, Hoover pleads that he should be set free. 

Kanye and Drake had their concert this past weekend.  The overall songs that got added to the album get 4 out of 5 stars.