When I reflect on 2021, ….



Evan Milkie: When I reflect on 2021, I realize how much I appreciate in-person school and interaction compared to online school. While it was nice for everyone to turn their camera off and not pay much attention in class for a while, it just always felt unhealthy to go about my day with little interaction with other people. I’ve enjoyed making connections with not only my classmates this year, but my teammates in cross country. For me, some classes have been a little stressful, but the people in the classes make school bearable.

Airiana Peters: When looking back and reflecting on 2021, I have realized how much I have grown as a person. Throughout the year I have managed to become better at managing my time, and focusing on school and getting my grades up. Although 2021 had many hardships, it has made me stronger as a person. 2021 did start off pretty crappy with the pandemic, but I have made so many more friends inside and outside of school. I have managed to push myself to take harder classes, and I have been very successful. 

Lucy Kurowski: I honestly cannot remember most of 2021, making it either super boring, or too eventful. The first half of the year was almost completely different from the ending half, looking at schooling, extracurriculars, and even relationships. I think 2021 was a lot better of a year than I thought it was going to be because I was actually able to participate in show choir and theater. I made it into my No. 1 college choice, so that is pretty dandy! I really just want to end 2021 with no worries and look into my future with excitement. 

Morgan Bessett: When I reflect on 2021, I think of going back to school for the first time in a year and realizing how much I missed it while I was behind a computer screen. This year went so fast, and I barely remember anything, but in the end I think any year is better than 2020, so I guess it wasn’t too bad.

Roosevelt Chynoweth: When I reflect on 2021, I think of coming back from a difficult time for many people and now experiencing the same things, and even more. It was different than prior years, and we still have to work through many things, but being back is going to make those things a lot easier. 

Rae Connelly: This year felt like an extension of 2020. When you think about it, 2021 and 2020 were both half years academically, so between the two of them we really only had one year. The whole of it felt really fast. I can hardly remember what it was like having to wear masks to school even though it was only like 3 months ago. It was also a very educational time, for we all had an opportunity to be more independent and self responsible than we otherwise would have been. 

Jerree NelsonStenson: When I reflect on 2021, I think of when we had masks in school to now, when it’s only required to wear a mask when you get close contact with someone who tested positive for covid.  I feel that 2021 was 2020’s second half of the year because of how we missed so much due to the pandemic.  2021 was a good year, but it was not the best because of how covid canceled so many events (an example was my junior prom).  I also feel 2021 ruined a lot of people’s lives due to not being able to see loved ones.

Chloe Smithson: When I reflect on 2021, I realize how important the small things are. One thing particularly was time with friends. I didn’t consider how important it was to spend time with people, until it was taken away from us. 2021 also was a great time for me to grow and learn and reflect. Many people struggled with mental health, and loneliness during the pandemic and everyone could relate in that sense. It definitely made me feel like I wasn’t the only one having a hard time. 2021 forced me to grow up faster and rush out of middle school, but I appreciate that. I feel like I have learned a lot because of 2021, and even though I went through many struggles, I honestly probably wouldn’t change it.  

Emmett Brey: The year of 2021 has flown by pretty fast. It started out by us still having online classes during junior year. After the second semester we came back for in person learning and even got a prom, which was pretty cool for being fully online a few months beforehand. Now we’re here, about halfway through senior year, soon to graduate and become adults. So I guess when I look back at this year, I think about life in and out of high school and how we all changed as people between freshman year and now. As a freshman you may not believe it, but by the time you reach senior year, you’re going to look back and think about how much you’ve molded into a young adult.

Glenn Mattison: When I reflect on 2021, I think about how quick the year has gone by. It’s surprising that we’re almost halfway through the school year already, one step closer to college. It’s surreal that I am going to be gone soon and entering adulthood for real, for real. It’s kind of sad and exciting, so we’ll see what comes of my life. 

Austin VanErem: When I reflect on 2021, I think I learned a lot of life lessons. 2021 shaped who I am today. The pandemic didn’t seem to affect me at all, but I heard about everyone else’s struggles, including getting quarantined from school. Being a senior is exciting, and I am very happy with who is in my life and what I plan to do in my future. 

Angel Hernandez: When I reflect on 2021, much of the pandemic has affected us for the rest of our lives. We are out of Afghanistan and even Trump’s era as president has ended. A ton of other things along with our senior year is just kind of crazy. This is really our last year of school after 11 years, so it almost doesn’t feel real. A new chapter of our lives will start next year, and who knows what’s to come?

Nick Normoyle: When I reflect on 2021, I remember how short a year really is and how long a year really feels. It already feels as if the covid lockdowns were years ago, and at the same time, covid vaccines only started rolling out about 12 months ago. 

Freddy Hernandez: I reflect about how fast it went by. It seems like the lockdown was a while ago, but really it was like almost two years ago. I’ve matured more and became a better person throughout this year. I look back to my freshman year and compare myself to right now and think about how much I’ve changed physically and mentally. It’s also crazy how close I am to graduating. 

Travis Ogurek: When I reflect on 2021, I think about how we’ve slowly transitioned back into a world of normalcy. I think about all the cool things I did this year like see Tame Impala live in concert, having a somewhat normal school year. Most of this year consisted of working at my wonderful job as a dishwasher and hanging out with my friends. One of my memories from this year was going to Devil’s Lake with my hombres and climbing up to the devil’s doorway. I think about all the hard things we’ve had to go through as a world. 

Jamie Salinas: In 2021 I learned a lot about myself and the people I surrounded myself with. 2021 brought a lot of good memories and made me a better person. I got a raise at work which was pretty cool. I traveled out of state. 2021 brought in a lot of people in my life who I’m grateful for, and I’m also grateful for the people who left my life. This year made me tougher mentally and brought in a lot of unforgettable moments. 

Colin McKenna: When I reflect on 2021, I think of how the time passed. As we went through the year, it seemed to go by in a blink. But looking back at it, January feels like an eternity ago. At the beginning of the year, we were still in online school. During this year, college seemed like an unfathomable length of time away. Now, in 6 months, most of my friends and I will have graduated, and a year from now a lot of us will be finishing our first semester of college. This year has blown by and brought a lot of change.

Clay Savoie: When I reflect on 2021 I think of it being a much better version of 2020. I feel like those two years are kind of companions, just one being better than the other. But like 2020, I find 2021 kind of forgetful. Even though we are in school again, it still feels like nothing ever happened. So this year I thought was a boring but nice, refreshing start to a new chapter. Kind of like how 2020 was a whiteboard with a ton of random and ugly drawings, writing, scribbles, and then 2021 is fresh. Like a clean slate.

Colton Coulombe: My year was OK. It gave me many lessons on life and how to continue on in a world where I continue to grow older and the environment around me constantly changes. Maturity has become irrelevant as the time I always wanted – being an adult – isn’t all what it is meant to be. Those responsibilities we craved as and freedom we desired as a child and to be our own individual ended up being more of a burden. 

Emma Duquaine: When I reflect on 2021, I notice how much I have changed and matured. Through this past year, I had a lot of low moments, but with each one, I have learned so much. I’ve grown so much as a person, and I’m proud of how far I’ve come. Whether writing, streaming, baking, or drawing, my 2021 was filled with self-expression and growth. I’m also so lucky to have the people I have in my life, for they made this year. . . good.