Latest Spider-Man movie meets high expectations

Latest Spider-Man movie meets high expectations

Clayton Savoie, Reporter

The third Spider-Man solo film in the MCU dropped in theaters on December 17 and has already made a huge upbringing, making $800 million in the opening week, and every penny is worth it.

Spider-Man: No Way Home takes place immediately after the previous film, Spider-Man: Far From Home, where Spider-Man’s identity has been revealed to the whole world. Peter Parker goes to Doctor Strange for help. They decide to cast a spell to make everyone forget Peter’s identity; something goes wrong and multiple villains from previous Spider-Man movies come into the MCU, meaning they are bringing back previous actors.

Honestly, that last part there is probably one of the biggest reasons so many people are so hyped to see this movie. If you have been a lifelong Spider-Man fan like me, you are excited to see Willem Dafoe, Alfred Malina, Jamie Foxx, etc., all coming back to play their previous villainous roles. And when you do see them all on screen for the first time, you can feel so much joy and nostalgia.

Along with that, it really feels like this is the pay off of what John Watts (director of the previous Tom Holland Spider-Man films) has been building towards. So many details and plot points from Homecoming and Far From Home really do pay off in a satisfying way. It’s really cool to see Tom Holland’s version of Peter Parker essentially complete this three-movie story and character arc.

Additionally, the fight sequences are fantastic. The choreography is amazing, as well as the editing. Adding onto that, Doctor Strange’s fight sequences are absolutely gorgeous to look at (you’ll know what I mean if you know what Doctor Strange’s powers are).

On a final note, the tone is an important aspect. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man movies are known for their comedic style and while, yes, there is comedy, around the halfway point this movie completely shifts into one of the darkest, most emotional Spider-Man movies. Peter Parker goes through hard struggles, even losing someone in his life, which is a very emotional scene. His character steps forward where Peter really does have consequences and has to make some huge sacrifices, probably making this one of the most emotional films out of all the Spider-Man movies.

A big part about this movie is the theory that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, the previous two live action Spider-Mans, come back for this movie. And whether you think or even want that to happen, this is still one of the best Spider-Man movies and it will have you smiling and hyped throughout. This film was made for Spider-Man fans while still spoon feeding those who haven’t gotten as much into the character as others.

If I were to give this film a letter grade, I would give it a solid A, and I will always treasure this movie.