Skiing/snowboarding is DPHS’s top winter activity

Angel Hernandez and Travis Ogurek , Reporters

The snow has arrived, and so has the cold.  

Summer is gone, and the seasons are changing. How are students going about their daily lives now that winter is approaching? With this strange winter hitting us this year, let’s look at what people like about the colder season.

A big part of the winter season are the activities that come with it. Of the selections given in a Crimson Aviator survey of snow activities, skiing/snowboarding was most popular amongst DPHS students with 37.4% (80/214). 

Junior Ethan Knaus says, “My favorite snow activity is skiing. I’ve been skiing since I was five.” 

With a near tie for second and third place, more students would rather stay indoors than sled. With nearly a quarter of students in favor of remaining indoors (22.9 percent), we asked for their “go to” food/drink to warm up. 

Hot cocoa won by a landslide with a little over 60% of kids agreeing that this was the go-to drink. As runner up, baked cookies came in second, but with only 15% of voters.

Sledding was third at 21.5 percent. 

When students aren’t outside in the cold, they are doing activities indoors. One of the most popular activities include watching movies. 

Not just any kind of movie, but Christmas movies. According to the survey, DPHS favorites were Home Alone, Elf, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. These Christmas classics are enjoyed along with a warm cup of hot cocoa.