Self help in high school

Words of advice from one of our senior staff members

Lucy Kurowski, Reporter

High school life is basically a combination of every up and down in life that could occur, but it also includes the most developmental years of life. Freshmen might think, “I will never change. I will be the same person in four years that I am now.”


And I am sorry (not really) to say, and it may be shocking, that the people who are best friends now probably won’t be in four years, and that’s OK! Don’t be afraid to grow up and mature out of a friend group. 

This obviously doesn’t apply to everyone; however, many members of the senior class, I’m sure, can agree with me. I have had a very small friend group since middle school, and the people in it have filtered in and out. 

At first, losing close ties with a friend made me think my life was over, but then I realized that I can still be a good friend from a distance. I don’t need to talk to that person every day anymore, but I can support them and be there for them.

Participating in Jam Session has allowed me to stay close to people all through high school, but not everyone has the interest in being a part of a team or larger group that spends a lot of time together. 

Secondly, do not take an AP class if you truly do not need it or want to pursue it in the future. I hear constant complaints from people who sign up for AP classes, and then don’t want to further their education with that topic in college. AP classes are college credits, after all, so don’t waste time and brain power on it. 

Of course, if someone has interest in that topic, pursue it! For example, I want to be a Spanish minor in college, so I am taking Spanish 5. With Spanish 5, I am earning Spanish college credits through UWGB. If I earn a high enough score on my college placement test, I could have half of my minor finished before I even attend college.

My last piece of advice for the new year: Do not stay in a place, especially a job, that does not bring happiness or motivation. Older generations always preach: “It’s a job, you’re not supposed to enjoy it.” WHY NOT!? This isn’t the 18th century; now anyone can do anything they want to pursue happiness (almost).

Leave that job. Get rid of bad friends. Put happiness first. We are too young to waste our time being sad and unmotivated.