Harry Potter was just a rip-off of Star Wars

Emmett Brey, Reporter

For the longest time, it never crossed my mind how similar Harry Potter (book, 1997; movie, 2001) was to Star Wars (movie, 1977). That all changed when I was on TikTok and saw a clip for a stand-up comedian named Aaron Woodall, who brings up the many points proving the idea. 

From the joke about Potter and other characters using “sucky lightsabers” to the side-by-side comparison of the two movies, the comparison is almost, if not completely, spot on between the two story lines. 

This can bring up some controversy between fans of both franchises, and I’m here to give you the true answer: Harry Potter is just an off-brand version of Star Wars. 

  Both movies have a protagonist who is an orphan boy living with his aunt and uncle for his own safety. The aunt and uncle seem to avoid or lie to every question the boy has about his parents while also not telling him the secret ¨magic¨ that runs down in his family. 

Then, out of nowhere, an old breaded stranger who delivered the orphan boy to his aunt and uncle in the first place shows up and teaches the boy the secret magic which was never told to him before. 

Our main character is then going to learn even more about the magic from an even older and wiser teacher later on in the movies. This orphan boy is then taken away from his aunt and uncle’s house by the breaded stranger for the first time alone and he meets some new friends and even a girl. 

The boy only seems to see the girl as more of a sister, while she is trying to figure out her feelings for the protagonist’s best friend, or as Woodall calls him, “the scruffy comic relief.” 

I mean they even have a “dark side”, which the antagonist switched over to. At the end the protagonist then has to battle the antagonist or the man who killed his parents. 

Really, the only difference I see is who the antagonist is. In Star Wars, it’s the orphan’s dad, while in Harry Potter it is a former classmate of his parents who turned to the “dark side”. 

Whether you like Star Wars or Harry Potter better, you can at least agree now that Harry Potter is just a complete rip-off of Star Wars. If you disagree, then please re-read the last paragraph a few times.

I think it will really give you the facts of the matter, which is that J.K Rowling didn’t write a masterpiece; she just copied the main plot from Star Wars, switched up some names, and added wizards and witches instead of Jedis and Siths.