Jam Session wins New London Singstock competition


Lucy Kurowski

The show choir world came to a halt in 2020 when the pandemic closed down schools. For a year and a half, De Pere Jam Session has continued to rehearse and perform with implemented Covid guidelines. 

This year, Jam Session is back on the road, traveling across Wisconsin to compete at numerous show choir competitions. This past weekend, Jam Session launched their season at New London’s Singstock competition, performing a set all about “time”.

In the preliminary round, the group performed at 2:30, with sparkly dresses and silver suits being lit up by the hot stage lights.  The first two rows of the audience were filled with cheering friends and family. By the end of the performance, after one costume malfunction, plenty of exciting dance breaks, and a beautiful ballad, the group felt very confident in their performance. 

During daytime awards, Jam Session claimed an award for best choreography. 

De Pere’s prep group, Chicago Street Singers, placed second in their division. Finalists were announced by the drawing of a hat. Jam Session waited in anticipation as the first few teams were called off, when suddenly, they were announced to perform fourth during finals.

The hour before their final performance, the group was doing all they could to prepare themselves for, what would be, their winning performance. 

Final awards rolled around in no time. Every single choir was gathered on the bleachers in the gym, waiting for the results to be announced. Starting from sixth place, the announcer began to read off the winners. Fifth runner up, fourth, third, second, and Jam Session still unannounced. The Grand Champion title was between Preble and De Pere. 

Everyone was leaning forward to the edge of their seats; when Preble Centerstage was announced for first runner up, all of Jam Session, their family, friends, and fans jumped up in celebration. De Pere Jam Session had won their first Grand Champion trophy in five years! Tears, smiles, and hugs were all shared once the group sprinted to the stage to share their win together. Congratulations Jam Session!