What we’re thinking

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The Crimson Aviator staff is just getting warmed up to give you a great newspaper this year. We invite you to give us feedback and let us know what you would like to see covered in the paper. Until then, though, here are a few ideas running through our minds. 

Time to revisit the Constitution 

Lilly Bristol: The Constitution is out of date and needs to be rewritten. So many laws and topics written about in the Constitution use words such as “Indian” and “slaves.” Generally, we don’t use those words anymore. We should accommodate the Constitution to things that are happening right now, people that are alive right now, and the issues and events that are going on right now. Every time there is a government meeting about certain laws and things people can and cannot do, politicians go back to the Constitution that was written and produced 235 years ago and pretend that we are following everything that the Constitution has ever said. Even George Washington wrote that he wanted people to expand with their ideas and change and fix them over time because everyone makes mistakes. He and Thomas Jefferson both also said that the Constitution needs to be rewritten every 19-20 years. I think it’s been longer than that. 

Lunch could use a couple changes 

Jackie Cummings: We need to be served better food during school and have a longer lunch time. Just to put into consideration, in France their average lunch time is 1-1.5 hours each day. They are also served an actual full course meal that includes everything you would see on a smart plate. Everything is fresh; nothing is served in plastic. Food is fuel, and we are definitely lacking as a school and as a state. I think I speak for most of the school when I say that lunch is a time to let our minds take a break and relax. School is seven long hours a day, hours where numbers and facts are rammed into our brains so they can be plastered on a test in a couple of weeks. We need to be able to hang out and talk about what really matters to us, with people we like, especially if we don’t have anyone we know in our other classes.

Government partly to blame for gun deaths 

Ainsley McKee: The National Rifle Association and some state Republican representatives are to blame for gun violence at schools and in the community. The NRA offers money to Senators who are opposed to strengthening gun laws. In 2019, the NRA spent $3.22 million on political campaigns for Republican Senators. The deal and discussion are always accepted by members of the Republican Party, not the Democrats. Greg Abbott (R), governor of Texas, is partly to blame for the shooting in Uvalde, Texas last spring. Less than a year before the shooting, Abbott lowered the age restriction of purchasing guns from 21 to 18. Salvador Ramos purchased his gun less than a week after his 18th birthday. If Abbott had not loosened the laws and been ‘bribed’ by the National Rifle Association’s money, 19 innocent students and 2 teachers would still be alive today. 

Inflation causing huge problems 

Nai’a Suda: Inflation is a big issue that needs to be fixed due to prices going up for all sorts of goods and resources such as gasoline.  Many people use gas every day to drive around, as gas prices are way worse today than a few years ago.  Inflation is affecting a ton of people, and we need to find a way to fix this before things get even worse. Goods such as food and other necessary/important items that people use daily are asking for a high price, causing people to blow through money faster nowadays.


Not a fan of Dasani 

Ryan Hutjens: Dasani water is the devil’s water. Only heathens can digest such rancid water. In hell, there is only cold coffee and Dasani water. Many people agree that the Coca-Cola Company is only producing Dasani water to make you more thirsty to buy more Coke products. I would rather drink water in a puddle than drink a drop of Dasani water. If you truly find yourself enjoying and partaking in the consumption of Dasani, I believe you are the snake that told Adam and Eve to eat the apple. 

Price of clothes is out of hand 

Kazie Quinette: I think that clothes in retail stores should be set at a lower price. Not everyone makes a lot of money, and the price that clothes are at these days is outrageous. Depending on what you want to buy, prices can be at $30 or higher. A shirt at Aeropostale or American Eagle is no less than $30-$35 and same with pants! Jeans these days are anywhere from $60-$100 or more, same with yoga pants or leggings. People need new clothes once in a while, but at the rate the prices are going up, people don’t want to even purchase anything. A good alternative for shopping on a budget is thrift stores. Over the last two or three years, thrift stores have become popular and trendy, making them raise their prices too. I believe that if it’s a discounted store in the first place, it should stay a discounted store. It can be unfair to some people that these prices are just really high. 

Niceness lacking from De Pere HS students 

Al Bowles: Most De Pere students need to figure their stuff out. You can go to any other school and get respect and kindness from most, if not all, of the students. However, here it’s hard to walk through the halls without hearing slurs and people being shouted at, catcalled and harassed. At the football game against Green Bay East, two friends and I walked through the De Pere stands, and in the less than five minutes that we were there, we were catcalled three times. In any of the other football stands I’ve been in, that didn’t happen once. I’ve been able to have a civil conversation with varsity football players and the popular groups of girls; here, the social classes are way too divided to even sit near the football team or the popular crowd. I think that the kids of De Pere need to get out of their heads and just be nice.