Homecoming theme hasn’t been smooth sailing so far


Kazie Quinette, Reporter

Homecoming is something that most people look forward to. Whether it be the dress up days, the tailgate and football game, or even the dance, it’s a week full of fun times.

However, this year’s theme – Disney – has created some issues and controversy. 

There have been copyright issues with the T-shirts and problems with a few objecting parents since Disney is pro LGBTQ+. Because of the copyright issues, the T-shirt company had to use its own art work and the students’ designs couldn’t get chosen.

Mr. Roger Allen, assistant principal at De Pere High School, said going with the t-shirt company designs was the safest option.

“The final decision on that was from the district office this year, but Disney is very tight on their copyright,” Allen said. “There was a lot of concern originally when we had the original themes. We were looking at copyright laws, talking to Disney about what was allowed and what wasn’t allowed.” 

Mr. Allen said that even though the students’ designs were excellent, too many of them were too close to Disney imagery. 

“Originally it was students,” he said. “But since then, it was the graphic designers at the T-shirt company that changed things up for us.”

Skyelar Hucek, a junior at DPHS, said she was upset about the students’ designs not being used. 

“I put a lot of work into that design,” she said. “And I feel like I tried my best to not resemble Ariel herself, and to make sure it wasn’t going to get copyrighted. But the fact that they were saying any kind of mermaid is going to get copyrighted is kind of crap.”

All of these unexpected issues caused a time crunch for the shirts. Between the copyright laws and the final designs, Mr. Allen said he hopes the shirts will be here on time.

“There’s 1,500 shirts on order, so we definitely want them on time,” Allen said. “The order was put in last week, so we’re pretty confident because they said they had all of the stuff in stock.”

Unfortunately, the T-shirts weren’t the only problem this year. Disney is publicly an LGBTQ+ friendly company, and a few people don’t necessarily like the idea of that. Mr. Allen said that he received a few emails of complaints from the community, but they never considered changing the theme. 

“We weren’t looking at making a statement by choosing the theme,” he said. “It was student led and Spirit Club led, so we didn’t really see a major conflict with that.”

Mr. Robert Mohar, the Powerpuff coordinator for homecoming, was asked if he’s heard of any negative or positive response from the students. 

“People are just so excited still to have homecoming,” Mohar said, referencing the fact that this is DPHS’s second event after a 21-year absence. “We haven’t had much negativity yet, and I hope we don’t because it’s a part of your high school experience.

“I’m disappointed if there’s rumors that you’re opposed to Disney just because Disney’s supportive of LGBTQ. We just got to get along.”