Homecoming is on the horizon: Are you ready?

Activities start Sunday and end with Saturday night’s dance


Staff reports

Homecoming week is almost upon us. The Crimson Aviator staff ventured out into the halls to ask people how they felt about homecoming and what – if anything – they are most excited about. 

Ms. Beyers, art teacher: “I’m excited the school brought it back. It seems to make the students more excited to be a Redbird.”

Genesis Elver, junior: “I don’t really care, not for this year at least.”

Bryson Thao, freshman: “I hope there’s free food.”

Mrs. Pearson, librarian: “I think homecoming is a super fun week where we all get together to celebrate what makes us Redbirds.” 

Quincy Petty, junior: “I like dressing up.” 

Mr. Mohar, French teacher: “For me, it is different from any other week because there are so many activities going on. It reminds me of when I was in high school, and it was all those memories of Powerpuff, dress up days, and all that stuff. The third thing is that homecoming means people coming home, and it’s still cool.” 

Rory Obma, freshman: “I’m not sure honestly. I think just the experience of being there as a freshman. My first time, you know?”

Megan Nipp, science teacher: “I am excited for the dress up days.”

Greta Gomes, freshman: “Hanging out with my friends.”

Aniyah Littleton, freshman: “Mostly like the dancing and getting to see everyone dressed up. I feel like it is going to be really cool.” 

Kelly Ramirez, freshman: “I’m most excited for PJ day because I love being comfy.”

Preston Zenz, junior: “Probably the football game. Dress up is all right, but the games are super exciting, like going there and watching it. Maybe teepeeing.”

Joel Rosner, freshman: “I’m looking forward for a ton of free stuff.” 

Mrs. Cummings, choir teacher: “I love homecoming, and am super excited it is coming back this year. We had a great one last year. Really looking forward to the Pep Rally. It’s going to be awesome.” 

Claire Bjorge, junior: “The football game. I’m excited for the student section, doing the chants.”

Evan Marlowe, band teacher: “I’m excited for school spirit. It’s a large amount of school spirit in one week and everyone’s super into everything we’re doing. That’s exciting to be around. I like that energy.”

Luke Wesolowiski, sophomore: “Not looking forward to it. Not sounding fun. A waste of time.”

Ben Zimmerman, head custodian: “I’d rather have the whole thing outside. Less stuff to pick up especially all the balloons and keep the after party outside like it used to be.” 

Sydney Sturdivant, freshman: “I’m looking forward to the dance, and hanging out with my friends during the dance.”

Lea Ann Allen, secretary:  “It’s a very busy week, do I look forward to it? Ehhh. Well, this year I’m doing the musical chair [event], so I guess this year I’m looking forward to it. The musical chairs that is, and winning. ‘Cause I just found out I get a pie in the face if you get voted out.”