Homecoming has gone: Staff reflections


Lilly Bristol: Overall, the week of Homecoming was entertaining. I loved the decorations and the dress up days. Listening to the Disney music throughout the halls made it feel so special. The assembly on Friday and the football game were probably my favorite parts. I loved seeing the participation of the students and staff during the games, playing for everyone at my school, and seeing the people who were chosen for Homecoming court and royalty. The football game was unreal. Playing our show in marching band and singing the national anthem made this the best week of my freshman year.

Jackie Cummings: Homecoming week was unreal but mid at the same time. The week leading up to the dance wasn’t the best; the Nest games were boring, and they were also too short, I guess I wanted more competition. However, the football game, assembly, and dance were surreal. I woke up on Saturday and had to remind myself that we had a dance because it did not feel like a day – it felt like Christmas. It was a lot of sitting around doing nothing, but I love getting dolled up, eating out, and dancing with my friends.

Ryan Hutjens: When I walked into school Monday morning, I was confused as to why there was Disney music playing. I then realized it was Homecoming, and I was ready to go home. 

Jazlynn McGuire: Homecoming week was very fun. It honestly kind of sucks that it’s over. I feel like during the week everyone gets a chance to be them, not some “imposter” that everyone thinks they are. Especially getting a chance to win the spirit week trophy. The assembly Friday was awesome; we got to cheer our class on and even have fun watching musical chairs staff vs. staff and seeing the losing ones get pied. Once the Homecoming dance came along Saturday, it was boring. It wasn’t fun because everyone was just in a circle or grinding on each other.

Ainsley McKee: I loved Homecoming week. From Sunday to Saturday, it was just unbelievable. Power Puff was incredible, and I got to spend time and bond with people I never really would have interacted with. Dress up days were fun and creative. Seeing everyone’s outfits was fun and creative. The pep rally was put together well. The football game was hype, and it was such an honor to be on Spirit Court. The dance, though! It was so fun, and I honestly had a blast dancing, singing and overall having a good time with friends. 

Kazie Quinette: Homecoming was very eventful for me. The dress up days were fun, and I participated nearly every day. Coming to school on Monday to see the decorated hallways was very exciting. I think each class did a really good job with their theme. The football game on Friday was also fun but very cold. Saturday was fun; I enjoyed getting ready with friends and taking pictures before the dance. The music at the dance could have been better, but overall it was a good night. 

Nai’a Suda: Homecoming was a mixture of good and bad this year.  One of the things people look forward to with Homecoming is the dress up days, which were not bad this year, although the t-shirts could have been better.  Another fun thing about Homecoming is the hallway decorations which were good, as the hallways were filled with Disney characters, balloons, and other cool decorations.  Lastly, I didn’t go to the Homecoming dance, but I heard it was OK, as the main complaint has been the music choice, which I heard was not great.