Homecoming proposals could use a change of tradition


Jackie Cummings, Reporter

Personally, when I see a hoco-proposal, I get overjoyed. It’s so cute to see how excited the girls get and how much effort the guys put in, whether it be a poster or something written on a volleyball. 

I think hoco proposals are a way to get out there, especially for freshmen guys. It brings them one step closer to being prepared for promposals, as well as other dances. (84 percent of 363 DPHS students surveyed said they like them.) 

However, after that feeling goes away, I sit with the wonderment of whether or not I will be asked. Others whom I love dearly have thought that as well, and they should get asked just as much as any other person. 

Is this a good trend or a bad tradition? 

Could we change it? Girls ask guys, or is that out of routine? 

Don’t get me wrong, I love it when guys ask the girls – it’s tradition – but if a girl doesn’t get asked, it’s not like she won’t go to the dance; she’ll go with friends.

Homecoming isn’t invitational only, unlike junior prom. Then, what would be the difference if a girl asked the guy? Nothing would change, so why is it so frowned upon?

 I think girls should also experience the joy of making a hoco proposal and the excited facial expressions. Also, guys tend to like someone more if they make the first move. 

Furthermore, what if the girl says “no”? Not only is that humiliating for the boy who’s asking, but it’s also a waste of time, effort, and maybe even money. Additionally, rejection is hard to watch. 

With that being said, what’s the difference between asking with a poster or asking over the phone? Do they hold different values? Maybe, but it’s the same question. Of course, one is just without a cheesy saying from the internet or motherly wisdom. 

Now, I’m not belittling hoco proposals as a whole. I made one for a friend; however, I am belittling the pitying looks and words people are giving when they find out so and so wasn’t asked. 

I’ll let you in on a little secret: Every time that I’ve asked someone, “How was your date?” they gave me mixed feelings of meh and lots of, “It was okay…” 

On one occasion, my friend was avoiding her date at all costs. Also, I heard of dates that dipped the second that homecoming week started. I’m not saying every date is like this, but I think it’s dumb when people make a proposal and don’t follow through on it.

If not, what’s the point of these proposals?