Class of 2023 has finally made it to senior year: How does it feel?


Jazlynn McGuire, Reporter

The Class of 2023, entering freshman year, did not know they would have to deal with covid and school switching to virtual. 

Once sophomore year hit, it was even more crazy, having to choose going full virtual or being part time in person. Everyone struggled, even the teachers. 

Then junior year came around. Students could go back to school but had to take precautions and “social distance.” Although the last three years were hectic, they finally have a normal last school year. 

The Crimson Aviator surveyed seniors to see how they feel about their last year of school. Here are some of the responses:  

** Cora Jauquet wrote: “It feels surreal. It feels like just yesterday I was a freshman. It doesn’t seem like it’s been almost 4 years since I started going here. I’m really excited but it’s also bittersweet.”

** Rachael Grimes wrote:  “Everybody thought I was a senior last year, and the year before that, so it’s kinda weird that people are actually right when they think I’m a senior.”

** Alexis Sequin wrote: “The best part is finally being able to have some seniority to be able to get first dibs with seats at football games and other sports. I also like that we are able to connect with teachers after getting to know them after a couple years.”

** Cate Ericksen wrote: “Being a senior I get to have a release during the day, though I don’t use it to get food or go home like most people do. I either do my homework like it’s a study hall or go to the scene shop to work on backstage work for the musical/play.”

**Olivia Zapf wrote: “Knowing that I now have an end date for high school – June 5, 2023 – less than a year away. Also, I got to put my handprint on Mohar’s wall today.”

** Anonymous wrote: “I still feel like I am a freshman; the 2020 class are still seniors to me, the 2021 class are still juniors, and the 2022 class are still sophomores. It’s weird that I’m now in their place.”

**Anonymous wrote: “It’s really weird to actually finally be a senior after knowing some of the seniors from previous years. It’s also a little bittersweet since it’s our last year here, so I’m happy that I’m almost done, but sad to leave behind my friends, extracurriculars, and clubs.”

**Anonymous wrote: “(I like having) release, because you don’t have to worry about being in a specific teacher’s classroom like you do with study hall, and you can go home to get a snack or something if you live nearby.”