More than just a drug test

Weekly testing has returned after a two-year break due to COVID


Kazie Quinette, Reporter

As of the 2022-23 school year, De Pere High School has decided to resume weekly drug testing. This policy has been in place for 16 years, longer than some of the students at DPHS have been alive. 

What is the sole purpose of drug testing at DPHS?

“It’s to try and help keep kids safe,” says principal Mr. Nick Joseph. “It gives a kid an out (of participating in drugs). They might say, ‘No, I might be drug tested and I don’t want to lose my parking pass or have a code violation.’ … It really is to help keep kids safe and keep parents involved.” 

Safety is important when it comes to teenagers, one of the main reasons drug testing is a policy at DPHS.

“(Drug testing) really came about in 2007, when it was adopted.” Joseph said. “We had lost a student to an overdose, and the community and school was really looking for something to help the students.”

In order for a student to get drug tested at DPHS, they have to be code approved. To be code approved, students need to be involved in a sport or club, or they have a parking pass.

“If you’re in 50 clubs or one club or sport, your name goes in the pool once,” says Mr. Joseph. 

Senior Audrey Bartolameolli said that she barely noticed the lack of drug testing the past two years.

“It didn’t seem like they did it that often,” she said. “And it really only ever happened to the kids we all know don’t do drugs. It just seems kind of pointless to even have it.”

On the other hand, senior Hayden Flemmer thinks that drug testing is helpful but can cause issues.

“Living in the day and age that we do, they all know that people do stupid things,” Flemmer said. “I honestly think it’s not fair that they target certain individuals, and some are just left alone. It can either be useful or hurtful to some students.”

Drug testing at De Pere high is mostly to make sure the students are safe and educated, Mr. Joseph said. 

“I never ever want us to lose a student,” he said. “It scares the heck out of me.”

To read the board policy on this information, click here

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