Hooray! Cheer Club starts up this winter

Hooray! Cheer Club starts up this winter

Madeline James, Reporter

At De Pere High School new clubs are being added this year. One of them is a student run club that has been in the making since this summer known as Cheer Club. 

Swayzee Price, a junior, created this club due to the fact that she always wanted to be a cheerleader. 

“I asked a lot of people about it as well,” Swayzee said. “People responded with an overwhelming amount of support for the idea.”

Having this labeled as “Cheer Club” is a little bit different than a dance team – which we have had in the past but not the last two years – because  DPHS is not funding it as a team.  

“Despite being labeled as a club, everything else will be just like a cheer team would be,” Swayzee stated. “We will have tryouts, mandatory practices, events, etc.”

So far, Cheer Club had over 30 girls attend the open gym practices that were held. For the try outs, the final number of teammates preferred is anywhere from 10-16 girls. 

“The main idea of the program would be focused on increasing school spirit,” said Swayzee, whose mom will serve as the adviser. “We’d like to be cheering mostly at basketball and football games. We will be getting super cute uniforms too!” 

Around 10-12 years ago, De Pere High School had a cheer team but unfortunately it stopped due to lack of interest from the students. For the school to have a cheer club, it needs to be approved by the athletic director, Mr. Byczek.

“Swayzee Price approached me and asked me about Cheer Club,” Byczek said. “She said they would like to have some more school spirit, by wanting to have a cheer team.” 

Over the summer, Swayzee invited many different age groups for a cheer camp and over 60 girls showed up interested. 

Having space is a huge factor when it comes to cheering during the game on the sidelines. With that many girls interested, there may be an issue.

“There is a logistical problem, because there is only so much time during halftime,” Byczek said. “At basketball games there is only so much space since there are bleachers on all four sides, so we’re going to have to try and figure that all out.”