What our staff is thinking about, Dec. 2 edition

What our staff is thinking about, Dec. 2 edition

Aviator staff

Starting to realize the influence of siblings 

Ainsley McKee:  It’s incredible how much sibling(s) can affect your life. So many people complain about having siblings and how annoying they are, but as soon as they are off to college or you graduate, you realize how much you love them and how much they care. How you are treated and the personality of your older siblings can help mold you into the person you are today. If someone is the older sibling, they have such an influence on how their younger siblings will turn out. Our personality, interests and so much more are affected by our siblings. 

December is time to decorate 

Jackie Cummings: I think that our school should deck out in holiday decorations. December is the perfect time to put up decorations; it’s after Thanksgiving and before break. I know Mr. Mohar is going to decorate his hallway, but that’s not even a main one. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, everyone loves getting into the holiday spirit and secretly loves a winter wonderland. If not that, everyone is getting excited for Winter Break. The next opportunity to have holiday decorations is for the Snowball dance in February, which is already way past winter break. 

Parents should not be coming  into parking lot 

Madeline James: I think parents should not be able to drop their kids off or pick them up in the parking lot. I park right in the front row, and I base the time I leave because I know parents are going to be in the way. The people who park in that front row either have to pull through the back spots, come here super early and come here super late. I also have to deal with parents parking in my spot in the morning and having to beep at them to get out; sometimes there is no kid in the car. I pay for the spot, and they don’t. At the end of the day I have to run to my car to get out because sometimes parents are sitting there waiting. Parents should drop their kids off on the side of the road or they can walk. 

Use your time more wisely in school 

Nai’a Suda: Many students complain about how they have too much homework and that some students have school, work, and are involved with sports/clubs at DPHS. This is a huge problem that needs to be fixed.  By the time some students get home, they don’t have much time to do homework before they need/should go to bed.  This can be somewhat fixed if students use their time wisely at school to get homework done like I do, as I almost never have homework by the end of the school day.

Standardized testing doesn’t work for schools 

Lilly Bristol: Standardized testing. No one in the entire world is the same, which results in so many different testing styles and scores. Expectations that 200 first graders will be at the same level and rate as each other and another group of 200 students is unbelievable and unrealistic. Getting older also requires learning more subjects more in depth and learning new ways to learn those skills too. Being in high school calls for many different kinds of test takers as well. Some people have test anxiety, some have a hard time remembering, some students can’t study or take notes as well as other students, and some students aren’t taught as well on certain subjects depending on their teacher and how their teacher teaches. All of those elements heavily affect how students are able to test. 

Senior can’t wait to be done with school 

Ryan Hutjens: If I had a dollar for every time I wanted to go home while I’m here, I would have enough to pay for college tuition for a family of 8 and be able to send the dog to college too. I can’t even enjoy YouTube in this joint anymore. Its restrictions are so strict I can’t watch a video made by a teacher themselves, but at least I can watch women’s beach volleyball but not an Alka-Seltzer tab dissolving in water. I’m glad I’m leaving this place when I am. You can bet I’m playing “Schools Out” by Alice Cooper on the last day of school. I can’t wait to graduate because I’ll never see anybody I don’t like ever again. Then I can come to the high school reunions and see who all took a path of drugs, became old and decrepit looking and see who was hot and now is not.  

Holiday cheer can wait at least two more weeks 

Mr. Guyette: It’s December 2, and people are already in the Christmas/holiday spirit. Bah-humbug! It’s way too early. In my classes, students are already singing songs and pretending to spread holiday cheer. What a waste of time and energy. First of all, we don’t have any snow on the ground and it’s 48 degrees outside. The outdoors hardly has a wintery feeling to it. Second, we still have three weeks of school until the break. That’s one third of the entire quarter. It’s much too early for students to mentally check out and start distracting themselves from the tasks at hand. Third, any decorations or trees or symbolism has to hold out until at least Dec. 15. Spotting all of this fake happiness I see from students is easy. Stop fooling yourselves. Get out your books and study.