Overall school smell is not good, but is there anything we can do?


Ryan Hutjens, Reporter

It’s a well known theory that the air in De Pere High School lacks quality, and some students even say it’s hard to breathe in some areas. 

Whether caused by chemical warfare (candles, the teacher’s break room coffee and snacks, cologne, the bathrooms) found most commonly on the second floor or the school’s poor ventilation, some students are just displeased with everything overall.

It’s a known fact that warm air rises, and when sweaty hormonal teenagers are packed in a building that lacks proper ventilation, you bet that fart you had on the first floor is going to come back to haunt you when you make your way up to the second floor. 

In reality, there is no good way to actually increase air movement in this school other than by installing a bunch of fans. But, installing a loud, noisy fan in hallways and rooms can lead to issues such as the expense to run, the set up and the overall distraction they will cause to students trying to stick their fingers in them or talking into the fan because it makes their voice sound funny.

Students have also complained about the poor quality air found in the school’s restrooms, the smell emerging from the doors and contaminating the already bad air in the hallway. Students wish for air fresheners in the bathrooms, and amidst the Christmas season, real pine trees would be a great option to help battle the disgusting air. 

*Inhales* Ahhh, the wonderful smell of a pine tree.

Perhaps an air freshener in the bathroom that squirts out lavender smell every half hour or so would be a good option, but an aerosol can can easily become a fire hazard if a student decides to open a pack of Newports and chainsmoke. 

Maybe we need to install enormous fans in the school like the ones they use on a hovercraft. It would be a very effective way to move air – and a lot of it – fast. 

Some students in a poll sent out by the Crimson Aviator mentioned how the air in school makes their physical appearance look bad compared to when they are outside of school. In fact, 66% of students (167 responses) who participated said there is a difference in the air on the floors, with 58% saying the air on the second floor is worse than the first floor.

Students mentioned in the form that the second floor is warm, musty and stinky. 

One student said plainly, “We do not have premium school air.” 

If that ain’t the truth.

Well, I hope everyone can get used to it, because air quality in this school can only get worse from here.