Free period products should be moved to girls’ bathrooms

Free period products should be moved to girls bathrooms

Jackie Cummings, Reporter

Listen up ladies, this one’s for us. I know we’ve all been in that sticky situation when something is not adding up, and it must be addressed as soon as possible. We’ve all been through the struggle of not having tampons or pads on hand, and we either have to rely on other people or the high school bathrooms.

However, vandalism became a huge problem in the girls bathrooms a month ago. This caused the district to take initiative and empty out all the dispensers, according to Kate Skaleski, the health secretary, putting the products in the health room for free use and “easy” access. 

According to Mrs. Nelson, the district nurse,  ladies who need to come to the health room to obtain a pad or tampon can do so and will be excused to their next class. “This is a practice that has always been a policy of the health room even before the vandalism occurred,” Mrs. Nelson wrote in an email.

This is good, right? Now we don’t have to worry about carrying around lonesome quarters. The only problem with this now is that the health room is nowhere near most classes.  

If I can get to the health room before bleeding through, great, but, “Can I make it to the health room or not?” should not be what’s on my mind if and when I do need coverage. We need to be comfortable and taken care of at school.

Because we weren’t informed of this change, this created unnecessary problems for the high school. This past week, ladies tried to rip the dispensers out of the walls, they smeared their poop over the bathroom and destroyed the ceiling tiles. Call me crazy, but I believe this is a strike directed at the fact that there are no feminine products in the bathrooms anymore.

I remember going to New London High School for a show choir competition, and in every ladies’ bathroom they had a shelf full of period essentials. There was never an empty box or trash on the floors; I feel this is because the ladies felt they were being taken care of. 

I say we take these nasty actions to our bathrooms and the wisdom of other schools and further act upon it by putting feminine products in the bathrooms for free use.