Hot dog eating gives Mr. De Pere title to Ross Rowland


Ryan Hutjens, Reporter

Ross Rowland is a senior here at De Pere High School and he is known for many talents. Ross is a beast out on the football field and a heavy hitter in the weight room. 

But most recently, he was been named Mr. De Pere. 

When asked why he decided to try for Mr. De Pere, he said “My friends and I thought it would be funny if we all did something, but I was the only one that ended up doing it.”

Mr. Rowland put on quite the performance showing off his hot dog eating skills. He did well enough to win the vote for the best Mr. De Pere candidate.

“I’ll destroy any hot dog and bun,” he responded, asked what kind of buns and hotdogs he liked. “I don’t have any favorites.”

Heinz or Hunts branded ketchup?

“I bleed Heinz. Can’t get enough of that great flavor.” 

Ross did not sweat this competition, and he never let the thought of failure get to him. His determination to win may have brought home the gold for him. 

“I knew I had to go up there and dominate, and all my helpers hyped me up.” 

Ross’s biggest supporters in the whole game were Crosby DeTennis, Grant Smits and Jeramiah Schwantes. All of them played a key role in Ross’s success.

When asked, what would you like to say to everyone you beat?, he simply responded, “Better luck next time.”

Ross has mentioned that he has looked into competitive hot dog eating, but it’s not his priority at the moment. 

Photos by Whitney VandeHei