So, what did freshmen learn in their first semester?


Ainsley McKee, Reporter

With the semester coming to an end, the freshman class is now 1/8th through their high school career. The Crimson Aviator sent out a survey to ask the class of 2026 what they have learned in this first semester that they didn’t know going into high school.

Some students over estimated the struggles: 

** “It’s a lot less scary than I originally thought. Also, the classes are easier. I thought they were going to be really hard.”

** “I have learned that the building isn’t as big and scary and impossible to navigate like I originally thought.”

** “I didn’t know how long the passing period really is. You have more than enough time to do everything you need in those 4 minutes.”

** “It is a lot better than the teachers from the Middle School said it would be.”

** “As long as you try, you should do well. I wish I had known that classes aren’t too difficult at the beginning of the year because then I wouldn’t have stressed myself out so much.”

Others are not enjoying it as much:

** “People are stupid and mean, upperclassmen especially.”

** “I don’t like the school pizza.”

** “I hate popular people because they can’t act the way they do in a work area.”

Finals week was definitely an eye opener for many: 

**STUDY FOR YOUR FINALS!!! I see a lot of my friends not taking their finals seriously. 38/100, 54/100. And after they submit their test they regret it and then I ask did you study? And they reply with no.”

 ** “Finals and hockey don’t go well together… It’s very stressful.”

** “How much studying is needed for finals and other tests.”

** “Keep on top of things but know when to take a break so you don’t burn out.”

Finally, high school comes and goes like all things do: 

** “It goes by EXTREMELY fast and everyone talks to each other more. It’s really fun and you meet a ton of new people. You make friends and memories that you will never in your life forget.”