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A great place to improve Spanish-speaking skills

Paul’s Pantry offers opportunity to practice Spanish and give to the community
A great place to improve Spanish-speaking skills

Students in Spanish 3 to 5 may be feeling more and more confident in their Spanish abilities, and looking for an opportunity to use it in the real world with native speakers. 

Luckily, there is a place where students can practice in a safe environment while doing good work for the people in their community.

Paul’s Pantry (1520 Leo Frigo Way, Green Bay) is this place, and it is full of good people that students can help to feed, as well as many Latino people, especially on Friday and Saturday. 

I had short interviews with Maria and Ronny, who were Spanish speaking customers, Reese, a Spanish-speaking volunteer, and Jennifer, who works the front desk. 

I asked all the Spanish people if Paul’s Pantry is a good place to practice with native speakers, and they all said yes. Ronny also said he “would help a lot through practice.”

However, if the customers don’t have the time to help you, it’s important to leave them be. There was one Spanish-speaking woman who declined an interview, and I left because it can be stressful to be in a crowded place when you don’t speak the language, and we need to respect their privacy. 

That is the only time a person has declined to talk with me over 3 or 4 visits, so the vast majority of the people will be happy to help.

The work is very fulfilling too. It starts at 7 AM Monday through Saturday and starts to slow down at noon or 1 and closes at 2, so anyone who wants to help will have to wake up early. It is difficult, menial work, but it is very worth it. 

I asked Reese if the volunteer work is “good for your soul” (the best I could manage with my spotty grammar), and he smiled as he agreed. 

Jennifer spent the whole interview smiling and said that Paul’s Pantry “needs lots of volunteers, especially on Saturday” so the doors are always open. A call isn’t even required.

Any Good Samaritan just has to walk in, put the “time in” on the clipboard and ask what needs done.

Paul’s Pantry is open rain or shine for any students of DPHS who want to have more practice to get ahead in Spanish. If anyone has energy to spare, they can come down to improve their fluency and their karma.

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My name is Jason Medford. I like drawing and fishing. I am almost fluent in Spanish. I like writing about a lot of things, so my news stories will probably be a mix of my interests.

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    Mrs. ProvostOct 4, 2023 at 12:19 pm

    Que interesante. Yo no sabia que podemos hacer esto. Muchas gracias por la informacion.