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For Evan Roeser, the bass is more than just an instrument

He credits musical success to late uncle

Evan Roeser is a junior at De Pere High School who has performed in orchestra and band since his freshman year; in fact, he didn’t start out playing the bass, or even liking woodwind instruments. 

When he played the viola in Foxview, he thought the instrument was a waste of time. In 2020, however, Evan’s uncle, whom he held close to his heart, passed away from pancreatic cancer. 

Evan’s uncle had played bass professionally for a band he was a part of. In his memory, Evan picked up the instrument. 

By his freshman year Evan had shifted from Viola and Bass to just Bass when he realized that playing was what he wanted to do as a career. Evan says that moving forward he wishes to attend some of the higher-ranked colleges like Berklee (Boston) or Eastman (Rochester, N.Y.), even saying he wants to attend Julliard (New York City) if given the opportunity. 

For Evan, the last four years have had some of the greatest times he can remember.

Asked for his most recent memory, “During the finale of our first performance of 9 to 5 when our drummer Magnus Davidson was getting really into the music and he accidentally threw his drumstick at me and I had to dodge – we were both trying not to laugh incredibly loud because it was during a performance.”

Asked what he has always wanted to own, whether it be practical or not, Evan said he has always wanted an Octobass.

“They’re like the size of an upright bass but like they’re like upright bass but three times in size,” he said. “They’re like 16 feet tall. You have to go on a stool and use clamps to play them, but there’s six of them in the world and they are valued at over a billion dollars. So realistically, I could never get one.”

Evan thanks his grandparents for supporting him through his last four years and wants to send appreciation towards Keegan McDonough and Izaiah Bauer for being, what he considers, his closest friends he has. 

Evan considers himself hardworking, in some aspects of life. 

“I try to (practice) three (hours), especially on weekends,” he said. “But when it comes to academics, I’m the biggest bum known to man.” 

Evan also wants to thank Jam Band for helping him become a leader and allowing him to grow as a person.


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Lindsey Lyerly, Reporter
Lindsey Lyerly is a senior at De Pere High School. He participates in the school theatre as well as the local theatre downtown. In his free time he enjoys playing games, reading, and going for a walk. This year he hopes to get a better grasp on what kids want in the school and out in life.    

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    Mrs ProvostJan 14, 2024 at 8:49 pm

    Love this story……. keep dreaming Evan… maybe one day you’ll get to play an octobass…. 😉