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Survey says … Gimkit is students’ favorite learning game

Survey says ... Gimkit is students favorite learning game

There is much debate over the best quiz and review app in use at DPHS. The main contenders are Kahoot, Quizizz, Gimkit, and Quizlet. The Crimson Aviator took a survey and 183 people responded.

The most popular answer is Gimkit, with 59.2% of the vote. It is the newest one, founded in 2017, and it clearly takes full advantage of the modern Internet by making the most complicated games. Players can run around and use their questions to play a fishing game,  tag, or an Among Us style whodunnit game. With all that variety, it is no wonder so many people have a favorite among them.

Kahoot is the second most popular response on our survey with 24% of people saying they preferred it. It is the most simple, with just a question and 4 choices of answers. It is extremely competitive, and the faster a student answers the more points they get. The music is definitely an essential part, though. It is very upbeat and danceable to fit the competitive nature, but it is a simple enough rhythm to be ignored to focus on the questions at hand.

Quizlet and Quizizz have 10.6% and 6.1% respectively. Both function as review games with a bit more than Kahoot, but are both still very basic. The Quizizz has power ups to make the classic Kahoot game more interesting and also doesn’t have to be live so people can play at home. Quizlet has flashcards and a learn feature. Both have their own uses but are rarely the favorite, probably because they lack the live competition and fiery emotion that getting knocked from the leaderboard causes.

There is another option called Blooket that was not listed on the survey. It is similar to Kahoot in that there are 4 coloured answers, but instead of being based on time to answer a question, a correct answer gets the student the choice of 3 random chests that may have points in the form of gold, or subtract from their total. Not many people wrote it in and looks to be a worse Kahoot with a more sickly-sweet color scheme. Only 13 people out of 183 wrote it in, so safe to say most people agree.

One person wrote in Cool Math Games, which is clearly the only correct answer.

Most of the student body seems to agree on Gimkit, but there are other strong contenders. Clearly, all have their own purpose in the classroom but Gimkit seems to stimulate students more with all the additional features alongside the learning.

And as for teachers, they should listen to what the students want: Kahoot has officially been dethroned, and people love Gimkit. A classroom in which the students feel heard will feel much more comfortable and will be better for learning.


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